The most competent battery system

For cordless freedom for DIY enthusiasts and hobby gardeners

Goodbye cable tangle! Using the latest technology and ambitious visions, we have succeeded in developing a battery system that allows enjoying cordless freedom in all situations. Whether it is tools, garden tools or an e‐kick scooter: By flexibly changing the battery pack and devices, it is possible to supply all members of the Power X‐Change family cordlessly with just one type of battery.

Einhell Battery system

Battery technology

Top-notch engineering for state-of-the-art technology

Utmost precision and most modern production process

Cordless freedom. For tool and garden.

When you have no longer to worry about extension cables that are too short or sufficient sockets. When the device comes to the project instead of the other way round. When you simply insert the battery and are ready to go, whether it is a lawn mower, garden pump, rotary hammer or wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

Than that is the feeling of cordless freedom. Than that is Power X‐Change. That is our mission!

Latest technology. Proven quality.

The Power X-Change batteries are the centerpiece of the platform. That is why we use only the best components such as high-performance Li-Ion cells and our intelligent ABS battery electronics in the batteries. This makes our PXC battery one of the safest in the industry and ensures efficiency, reliability and durability. We also pay attention to longevity for all other components, e.g. in the form of brushless motors.

Endurance Persevering. When it matters.

No matter how big the projects get: With the different available capacities (Ah),  the running time of the battery can be adapted to any project.

Whether you just want to hang up a shelf or build an entire tree house. Whether your garden has the size of a towel or a soccer field. With Power X‐Change you are up to any challenge.