More power. More endurance. Longer service life.

With PurePOWER Brushless from Einhell.

Maintenance-free, high performance and energy efficient: PurePOWER Brushless motors from Einhell offer significant advantages over conventional carbon brush motors that speak for themselves.

This is why we have equipped our high performance tools with our PurePOWER Brushless motors with state-of-the-art, brushless drives that not only ensure maximum power and performance, but also impress in all areas and projects with even the highest demands. Friction losses or unplanned breaks due to overheating motors are a thing of the past, enabling longer battery and service life for our devices with PurePOWER Brushless motors.

PurePOWER Brushless.

Only from Einhell.



Innovative drive technology to meet the most challenging demands

Abrasion minimised – runtime maximised!

In conventional carbon brush motors, heat is generated by friction of the carbon brushes. This friction draws unnecessary energy from the battery that supplies the energy for the motor. This consumed energy is thus no longer available to the battery or the device, which consequently results in a shorter battery life. 

State-of-the-art technology enables the construction of Einhell PurePOWER Brushless electric motors. With our carbon brushless motors, there is no friction that would require additional energy. The PurePOWER Brushless motor can efficiently use the energy from the battery and work with it for longer – with the advantage of longer constant battery life and higher efficiency. 

The extended battery life saves you a few charging cycles and allows you to implement numerous large projects without a break. This not only saves time, but also valuable energy and resources.

Maximum efficiency thanks to microprocessor control.

A microprocessor on the circuit board of the PurePOWER brushless motor calculates its optimal energy consumption. This optimisation leads to the highest efficiency and to significantly higher performance than with conventional brush motors. Power and performance that you can really feel. This is evident, for example, in a higher torque with cordless screwdrivers of the same size.  

This technology makes it possible to develop devices which are much more compact, since the motors can be designed to be significantly smaller at the same power. 

A resulting advantage of the PurePOWER brushless motor is its low weight and compact design. A PurePOWER Brushless-powered cordless screwdriver is therefore significantly lighter and more compact than the equivalent with a brush-powered motor. 

The handling and comfort of the tools is therefore significantly improved and enables comfortable working without fatigue.

Maximum service life. Guaranteed.

Conventional carbon brush motors wear out due to friction of the brushes. As PurePOWER Brushless motors work without carbon brushes, they are not subject to any wear or downtime due to overheating and wear also doesn't affect our motors. 

For this reason, PurePOWER Brushless motors run endlessly. 



Maximum performance – no compromises.

Better performance through microprocessor-controlled power management: our brushless PurePOWER motors enable higher speed and torque compared to conventional electric motors.

Longer service life

Minimal friction – minimal downtime

Ideal even for big projects: Due to less heat generation, our brushless tools can be operated for longer durations at higher capacities without overheating.


No wear – the utmost reliability

Brushless motors are not subject to carbon brush wear through mechanical abrasion. Compared to conventional carbon brush motors, the service life is significantly longer.


Small motor – big effect

Brushless motors can be designed more compactly, saving space and weight – for particularly light and ergonomic tools.


Save costs and resources.

The longer service life of PurePOWER Brushless motors also increases the service life of the Power X-Change devices operated with them. This not only saves costs for any new purchases, but also saves valuable resources.


Guaranteed service life

We are so convinced of the durability and endurance of our PurePOWER Brushless motors that we offer a 10-year guarantee on the motors of Power X-Change cordless devices.

One battery for maximum power.

One battery for more than 300 devices for workshop, garden, leisure and your home.

Whether a brushless rotary hammer or cordless lawn mower
– the Power X-Change battery always fits.